Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh, Where do those catlogs come from?

I moved. I had my mailed forwarded--------a natural progression. For two weeks I didn't get much mail. Pretty good, I had escaped the dreaded "mail catalog rush. Wrong. They found me and the onslaught began and it hasn't stopped. How did they find me so fast?

Is there a catalog detective that finds new addresses of new movers and turns them over to a catalog computer?

In 40 years I have never ordered anything from any of them and yet I am held in high esteem and always referred to as a "good customer". Is there a total lack of understanding in the catalog world?

And what about the 24 hour service---are those people asleep on cots somewhere? How many times have you called and ordered one of those cute little feather dusters at 3 a. m.? Did the person sound sleepy?

And what about the 6--8 weeks delivery? Do those people only work 6--8 weeks to fill the orders? In 6-8 weeks my dress size and my shoe size could change? What are they doing all that time?

There are a lot of strange things on the order forms. If you order one bra--shipping and handling is only $3.95---if you order 35 bras it is still $3.95. How much shipping and handling is really going on in the first place!?

The lines on the order forms are so small and by the time I figure out how much tax I owe on that little bitty chart I rip up the order form and go to Mall.

But then there is that great thrill when we get home from a day's work and there in the door is a package ---oh boy what's in that box? Oh, good grief! Is it? Could it be? Another catalog. You can move but you can't hide from mail order catalogs. They will hunt you down like bounty hunters!!

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