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It was June 29,1996 the first time I saw my Hawk. I then continued to refer to as"my" hawk. He was huge. I first saw him with three birds flying about his head in some kind of a bird war. I looked up thru my windshield and said "Hello Hawk, you are beautiful."

Almost everyday since then I have seen him sitting high on the same telephone pole vantage point waiting with anticipation for some creature to become his entree. Of course , I was sure he was waiting for me to say "Good morning ,Hawk" or "Good evening ,Hawk."

As I traveled back and forth on road 52 I have had occasion to see him as many as 5 times in a day. Always sure that he was making his presence known only to me. My Hawk.
On Friday July 26,1996, my brother Bob,his wife Jo , my niece Sally and her daughter, Natalie were coming for a much anticipated visit.

The Thursday before they were to arrive I was driving home, totally preoccupied with the happenings of the day and not looking for my Hawk when he flew across my windshield so closely that I could see the feathers of his underbelly. I ducked inside my car startled by his huge wingspan covering my windshield. Whew ! That was a close one! "What are you trying to do Hawk? Ok,Ok , I promise I will look for you everyday and tell you ,Hello. Next time let's not be so dramatic. You could have gotten us both killed!" I often think out loud as I drive.

I relayed the incident to my friend. He quipped,"The Hawk probably has a "thing" for little red cars." Yeah ,right." I "m sure Dodge Chargers are high on the seduction list of a hawk.

Friday,my brother and the merry group of travelers arrived.We hugged , kissed and giggled like we always do when we are together. During dinner I began to talk about "my Hawk". I told them it was the biggest ,most beautiful bird and that I encountered him daily.

My Grandniece,Natalie was thrilled at the sight of the mountains and like the rest of us is a nature lover. I was looking forward to again see the mountains thru the eyes of someone that does not take them for granted. I told her I would take her out to where I see my Hawk and see if I could show him to her. Then we would turn around and drive right into the foothills. After dinner, we "girls" went for a ride.
My little red car is just that. Sally and Natty were in the back seat. Sally 's head was touching the roof of the car. Sally is a nervous passenger under the best of conditions---these were not the best of conditions. She chided me jokingly about my driving while commenting that with her head touching the roof , she would serve as a roll bar and save us all! Our Mother was perhaps the most nervous passenger I have ever seen; Sally is the second. However ,I was sure Mother was sitting on Sally's lap. The three of us laughed the entire time at Sally's mother- like backseat driving. Jo and I exchanged knowing grins and glances ---- we had heard this somewhere before!

I drove to the place where I saw my Hawk daily and of course, he was no where to be seen. It was a mild disappointment--another day perhaps. I made a "U" turn in the middle of the highway -- Sally screamed much to all our delight.( It was another comment on my driving!) We headed toward the foothills. Natalie saw the mountains, I pointed out Twin Sister Peaks and she recognized them each day after that.
On Tuesday, July 30th my story on the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Center was to appear on the front page of the Brighton Standard Blade with a full color picture of Pat and Shelley Craig and their Bengal Tiger, "Tygger". This was a very exciting day for me. I wanted my Brother to come to my office, meet my "newspaper" family that mean so much to me, God has blessed me so much by putting me in the center of these grins, giggles, and love.

We left early. I was hoping we would see my Hawk. As we drove down road 52 in my little red car, (my Brother is a very calm passenger,Sally) I was about to express my dismay at not seeing him,when Bob said, "There he is! He is a big fella." Bob had seen him first.The Hawk turn his head as we went by. It gave me pleasure to share my Hawk, my newspaper family, and my front page story in full color, with my brother. This was a special day.

Following their visit I wrote this letter:

Dear Family,

There is more to my Hawk story and I shall continue to write about it. I had another encounter where the Hawk flew across the hood of my car as I was driving down old route 85. This was on Friday the 13th. My mouth flew open.I again said out loud--"What in Hell are you trying to tell me?"
Robin insists it is a message that I should continue writing. Perhaps,but it sure is eerie..
Well, dears, thank you for your wonderful visit.
Sister Jo,for your gentleness,your soft heart,but your strength of steel
that holds your family tightly together. And for listening to me.
Dear Sally,for humor beyond compare! Never let go of it!
Sweet "Natty", it was so much fun looking through your eyes to see the wonders of the mountains. You'll be back-- I know it.
Brother Dear, for being here. It meant a great deal to me. I told someone one time as she spoke of her heritage including something of fifth generations, "Oh that is nothing ,we are from six generations of clowns." She didn't laugh . I'm so grateful that our family was given the ability to laugh. Love, Sis

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