Thursday, November 13, 2008


I love music and I'm glad I do. Over the years I have passed that love of all sorts of music on to son,Jeff and daughter,Robin. They both were musicians and had fine singing voices and now my granddaughters,Elizabeth and Kayt are following the music road.

My own passion for jazz drove my co-workers a little crazy since they were all country and western fans.

But I also love opera, some rock,folk etc. Truly most all music speaks to me.
Encouragement to listen to all music seemed to be very important to me. I believe it is a true reflection of history and culture and brings beauty to us. And though we have had music in the last years that has frankly disgusted me with the lyrics and the performers. Sadly,it is still a reflection of the turn in our history and our bent toward a more violent society.

I always tried to make it to Greeley to take in Elizabeth and Kayt concerts because it was important to them but it was important to me to be there,too.
Elizabeth and Kayt are now young women but this was a memorable night.
I wrote in my journal:
Last Tuesday night I had the pleasure of listening to (the fifth and sixth grade) "The Star Choir" from Scott School in Greeley my eldest grand-daughter, Elizabeth, sang and had a speaking part in the program. Pretty exciting stuff!!

The teacher did a great job preparing the kids.The selection of music was so much fun that a few of us were swaying with music and obviously having a great time. I thought, "This is the way it should be." No guns , no knives, no hate, no predjudice. A group of children of all colors unified in organized fun.

I found that I was moving with the kids and I couldn't stop smiling because of their joy. I looked around and saw only a few people caught up in this music and I felt sorry for the others that weren't. For this brief 30 minutes they could not participate with the same joy as the children?? How sad.

As I was moving with the music, my grand daughter saw me and continued to make eye contact and smile. We were on one of those precious wave lengths that occur when you love music. She knew that I was appreciating the job they were doing.

The last four songs they sang were from "The Lion King." The music is so beautiful and poignant it is imperative that you let the child in you become free.
So parents and grand parents the next time you go to one of those kids concerts--show 'em you love it. Act your shoe size instead of your waist size and you'll have real fun!!
Kuma ma ta ta!

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