Thursday, December 11, 2008


July 3,2007

Lady Love had packed 7 pieces of art to take back to each member of her daughter's family. She put 7 pieces of paper in a bowl ; each piece of paper was numbered from 1 to 7. She had each person draw a number and they would choose in that order. This was the night.
"It was the Luck of the Draw."

Everyone had been excited about the unpacking of the pictures on Tuesday July 3rd.
The pictures were placed on couches,chairs and the floor. All so each one could be seen with ease. It took almost two hours for them to all make their choices.

The choosing of these pictures was not easy for anyone, except (#1)Her oldest grandson. Lady Love had given him a wildlife picture of a raccoon so his logical choice was the matching bunny.

(#2) Her daughter had a great deal of difficulty choosing because there was more than one picture that held particular memories for her. She kept deferring to her children and they would not tell her which picture "they" like until she chose. I kept encouraging her to pick the painting she liked and she finally chose the begonia.

(#3) Her oldest grand daughter liked "The House that Jack Built"but knew that both the other grand daughter and grandson liked it so she also liked "The Cow." She had picked " The House that Jack Built" but she saw her sister's lower lip come out and she deferred to her and picked "The Cow."

(#4) Her second grandson always looked at all the other paintings and came back to "The Apple Tree." He thought their was something special about that picture and there is, Lady Love's second daughter, died of lukemia and her grave is beside that tree. This is a tree that Lady Love planted.

(#5) Her third grandson was next. He was really torn between "The House that Jack Built" and "Jumping Through Hoops." He went back and forth and finally picked "Jumping Through Hoops."

(#6) Youngest grand daughter picked "The House that Jack Built" and she wanted it hung up right now!!

(#7) Dad was left with "Sunday Afternoon" and it was the one he wanted. So they were all happy with their choices! (Well, almost.)

The next morning her daughter told us that after we left to go to bed that her youngest grandson said he didn't know if he had made a good choice or not and he was having anxiety attack!!! Mother talked with him and ask him what made him choose that picture the first place and he said,"I liked the strong colors and it is so powerful!" Mother ask him if he would like to trade it for anything else and he said calmly,"No,I really do like that best!" And he went right to sleep.

Lady Love and I had no idea that there would be such drama and great side comments. This was a very open and honest feeling of what they think about their grandmother's art.
It was such a pleasure to be an observer of this very important evening.

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